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We are a complete workplace wellness company

The three creators of DeskFit have over 40 years combined experience within the health, fitness and corporate industry. This has led to a deep understanding of the physical, mental and emotional strains that can be related to the work place.

DeskFit provide complete approach to workplace wellness programs, which are customised to each organisation’s needs and requirements. To get the best outcome for your employees wellbeing, our programs provide assistance in physical health, mental and emotional health and dietary health. A holistic approach, as well as consistency, is key to an individuals overall wellbeing.


DeskFit creators are not only health professionals themselves, but have partnered with experienced Physiotherapist, Nutritionists and Pilates instructors to ensure they provide quality products, programs and information that are current and tailored to the needs and interests of employers and employees.

Each online tutorial, either live or recorded through the QR code is provided by an experienced Myotherapist, Personal Trainer,  Physiotherpist or Pilates instructor.

DeskFit was founded in September 2020 in the middle of Melbourne's covid lockdown. During this challenging time we realised how important employee wellbeing is and we wanted to provide an approach to workplace wellness which was customised to each organisation's needs and requirements.


Paul created DeskFit in early 2020 after retiring from professional volleyball which included a lengthy tenure with with Australian National Team. For over 2 decades Paul has developed techniques and gained insightful product knowledge from around the world. He has incorporated this knowledge into the DeskFit range of exercise kits and instructional videos. Paul is also a fully qualified PT, has a Master’s Degree in Sports Coaching and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

After retiring and returning home to Australia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Paul realised there was a lack of options for employers to provide their employees and clients with a complete fitness package to assist with their overall health and wellbeing. These packs combined with the DeskFit fitness tutorials gives companies a way to give back to their staff  that will help improve their livelihood and productivity. Paul and the other co-founders made it their mission to help corporate Australia embark on their health and fitness journey, combatting a sedentary lifestyle that often accompanies working from a desk.

In his spare time Paul like’s to travel, play golf and mentor young Australian athletes with pursuing their goal’s in professional sport.


Cam is the co-founder of DeskFit and also the owner of The Mobile Myo.

Cam has been a practicing Myotherapist for over 14 years and understands the importance of stretching, exercise and staying active. 

Over the years, Cam has been able to have some amazing experiences, including working as the Myotherapist for the Australian Cricket Team which enabled him to travel to many different countries including Bangladesh. Cam has also worked with the Australian Volleyball Team on tours of Iran, Poland, Italy and other countries.

When not at work, Cam loves to spend time with Steph his partner, and his two little girls, Grace and Lottie. He also loves all things sport and when the weather is right, will take his kayak out fishing.


Stephanie is the co-owner of DeskFit, and also founder of The Mobile Myo.

Stephanie also works part time in the corporate world and knows first hand the impact of sitting at a desk all day. Sore back, sore shoulders, neck and wrists. This is why she is passionate about corporate health, exercise and movement.

Stephanie manages our social media pages and our operations,  and in her spare time she enjoys paddle boarding, visiting wineries, exercising and spending time with her partner Cam and their two girls.

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